Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Poems

These were conceived at a recent poetry workshop Gabe and I took with the most awesome Rachel McKibbens. –Christy Korrow

She Lived There

In the town of rejection
the old maid is buried in the garden
with weeds for a headstone.

Family stories were wiped clean
with a bloodstained handkerchief.

Cars drive backwards,
and anyone with secrets has
been cut out of the portrait.

Sign reads: No Trust Allowed

The Attic

Ghosts leave no footprints on stairways.
Air doesn’t move and neither does the dust.
Windows locked tight with dried paint,
any sunlight that tries to enter is
blotted out by the unwashed glass.

Boxes behave, unaware of their own contents.
Stacked silent, cardboard makes equal
old treasures and junk that should have been
sold at yard sales.

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