Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner additions: Kale/Grape Salad and Raw Key Lime Pie

We love curly kale, isn't it pretty?

Thought I'd share what I’ve decided to bring to the Thanksgiving potluck we will be attending. Angela Leeds has a delicious kale and grape salad, it is drizzled with lime and garlic, and of course the kale is thriving in the garden this time of year. Angela has a website called The Live Green Smoothie Diet, where she posts lots of recipes, some are free and there is small cost to access the recipe a day section of the site (only $5 for one month access) but it is worth it, and a great way to support the work of someone who is developing healthy alternatives and original creative new ways to eat healthier (get in those five serving of fruits and veggies folks!), especially for parents trying to think of creative of ways to get kids to eat vegetables.

I am also going to make a raw, vegan Key Lime Pie from the book Sweet Gratitude (North Atlantic), my favorite recipe book of late. I’ve already made a trial run with the pie, and it is soooo good. We can use our home grown pecans in the nut-based crust. The recipes are entirely raw, packed with nourishment, with no compromise in flavor, texture or beauty (no whole wheat cakes, please!). Co-author, Tiziana Alipo Tambora, recently spoke at Café Gratitude's Monday Night Live, where she was a pastry chef (many of the recipes in the book were developed there). Her talk is online, and will inspire you to explore the realm of raw deserts if you haven’t already!

Give thanks!

Photo by Chris Korrow

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