Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter/ A Two-Part Poem



Cold bones
bare as winter’s soil
Clenched jaw bone
teeth gnash against teeth
wondering streets
in search of a coat
to soften this icy curse
held in time, a naked
moment no deep
breath can satisfy

Stark trees hide no
embarrassment as they
reach out to touch
neighbors with whom they
share soil water and sunshine,
endure and even hold onto
each icy drop that falls
from the sky

Yesterday came around the
corner, and startled you,
in the middle of this
shivering mess, about to
use up your last match
in an attempt to light the
candle of remembrance
of deliverance
Prayer carried off by some
torrid gust extinguishing
the flame as penitence

You cry, not knowing that
flowers in spring sleep as seeds
in winter


Barns filled with hay
Round bales stacked two-high

Bibles on dashboards
Dusty trucks with no tailgates

Trees cover hillsides, impersonal
Passively waiting for signs of green

River makes a sharp turn
Inconspicuous, cows graze bare fields in the bottoms

More gray skies lie ahead
Threatening any cheerful sign of bird's return

Only this cemetery is not silent
One hundred-year-old corpses knocking

On graves, demanding to know
If spring has arrived

—Christy Korrow

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