Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chris Sells Vegetables in Langley!

Chris planted quite a few trials this summer, testing varieties in preparation for a commercial scale market garden that will serve neighborhood customers beginning in early October, continuing through the winter.

He had enough excess cauliflower and cabbage to set up a table yesterday at the Second Street Market in downtown Langley.

It was a great chance for Chris to begin to share the news of the new Market Garden at the Anderson Farm, located at the corner of Al Anderson Ave and Fairgrounds Road.

 His plan is to create a membership-based garden, somewhere in between retail sales and a CSA. He is looking for a committed group of about 25 customers who will join the garden for a one-time fee, this will entitle members to purchase produce during regular weekly hours, or they can come and harvest on an honor-based system, once oriented to the garden.

Only organic and biodynamic agricultural practices are used.

If you would like more information, please call 221-0430 or email Chris at

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