Monday, February 2, 2009

Dancing with Thoreau

Chris’s new documentary Dancing with Thoreau is underway. Much high definition footage was shot on a cross country family trip that took us through Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Olympic and Rainier National Parks. The film will be a compilation of meditative imagery and interviews with notable folks who bring insights into the connections between nature and human consciousness.

As Chris puts it:
“My new film helps us to increase our awareness of our place on this planet and points out methods we can use to reconnect with the world. Being more in touch with nature we become more in touch with ourselves and most importantly how we fit in—and fit in we must. There is a reason why Buddha sat under a bodhi tree and Jesus went into the dessert for forty days.

Nature is the greatest untapped educational tool we have, we intimately study how it works from a mechanical point of view, but the true lesson to be learned from nature is how we work, how the laws that govern this planet work, and how these two concepts must eventually work in unison. When we increase our understanding and relationship to the laws that govern life on this planet, we double our ability for growth, adaptability and harmony, for we are then working from the perspective of, for example, not just how to keep money flowing, but how it can keep flowing within the constraints of sustainability, balance and harmony.”

Most recently Chris interviewed the 89-year-old Dominican nun, Sister Adrian Hofstetter, author of "Earth-Friendly Re-Visioning Science and Spirituality through Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Rudolf Steiner" (SteinerBooks 2006) for the the film.

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