Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Booklet on Nature Observation

A Guide for Observing Nature
Breathe Deep 2008, 24-page booklet
By Chris Korrow

$5.00 includes shipping

Creator of the award-winning documentary, seen on PBS, Garden Insects
Nine easy ways to improve your relationship with nature. Chris Korrow shares nature based practices that awaken our senses, expand our understanding, inform our choices, give us a new vantage point so we can make life decisions in new and creative ways. Section include, "Slow Down," "Silence," "Walking," "Sound," "Color," "Touch," "Not Doing," and more....

From the Introduction:
"So I understand how being more connected to nature can help reduce stress and bring me a little more peace, but what good is it to my everyday material life? There is something I’ve seen in each person who has an intimate relationship with nature, and it increases exponentially with the strength of their connection — they are more adaptable. A person who is connected with nature can draw inspiration from both realms, natural and manmade. I’m not just talking about the availability of raw materials, but also an understanding of the way each system works. In short, a person that is not connected to nature is only working with 50 percent of their potential. It’s kind of like trying to balance a budget, when all you know how to do mathematically is add."

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