Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gardening Class: Demystifying Biodynamic Gardening

Sunday, September 16
From 12 – 2pm

Market Garden at the Anderson Farm, the corner of Fairgrounds Road and Al Anderson Avenue (next to the Langley Community Garden P-patch)

Most gardening and farming practices use material inputs (npk) when trying to improve plant health. Biodynamic farming and gardening takes into consideration the interconnectedness of all life in and around the farm and garden, with the understanding that we are looking for living nutrients when we want to grow nutritional food for people.

Chris Korrow will explore these relationships and how they make a difference in plant health and soil fertility. Topics such as companion planting, plant spacing, micronutrients, planting though the seasons, biodynamic compost, how to deal with early bolting, and the connection between water, soil and temperature will also be discussed.

$15 includes biodynamic preparations that you can take home and use in your own garden!

For more information email or call 221-0430.

Preregistration requested, there is room for a limited number of participants.

Chris is developing a membership garden for those who want to buy produce from now through winter (he will focus on fall and winter production). More info will be available, or you can sign up at the event. Vegetables will be available for sale at the class.

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