Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poem: Tenth Rune

Tenth Rune

Dawn will bring none but
another cold morning.
Gray cast bears little light to
shine on trees, naked,
in search of lost leaves.

North winds comes, he blows
the white breath from heaving horses
until it disappears through
moss-covered branches.

Thorns of berriless brambles
snag your gown, twist below
and ensnare your footfall.
Blood drips from pin pricks
around your ankles,
pain not felt for want of warmth.

No bird seeks fire in December’s
dark days. Shiver of furry beast
raises heart’s heat
when to drink there is only ice water
from a frozen pond.

Many men marching, held captive
by the sound of their own footsteps.
Sound of footsteps spelling out
demise, counting out a row of
graves, winter’s sleeping dirt disturbed.
Their anxious breath exhaling fear.

Cold is cold when rain turns to ice
as it catches on boughs,
reaching down with such sharp tines
growing heavier with nightfall.

Closed eyes in warm bowery
hear only crystal clear snaps
as innocent limbs are felled
whose strength is no match
for winter’s weighted cloak.

—Christy Korrow

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Garden Insects Used in University Class

Last night, we received a call from a professor who teaches the organic farming course at Oklahoma State University. She received a copy of the Garden Insects DVD through a donation made possible by the grant we received from RSF Social Finance. The grant made it possible for us to donate over 200 copies of Garden Insects to public schools and libraries. The women called to tell Chris how much she appreciated the film, how much her students benefited from it, and that she will be using it each semester as part of her University curriculum. She closed the conversation by saying, “Tell him to keep making films!”

The funny part is that while we were on the phone, Chris was in the other room, his face buried in the manual for his new camera, a still camera capable of recording images at pre-set intervals (every three seconds, etc..). This will allow him to document natural events that occur over time (time laspe) such as seeds sprouting or ice forming overnight on plants.