Thursday, June 26, 2014

Next Steps for Dancing with Thoreau and Viewer Comments!


A new film by Chis Korrow, creator of Garden Insects

After a successful premiere at the Clyde Theater on Whidbey Island, 
Dancing with Thoreau is now entering the film festival circuit!

"Dancing with Thoreau is a work of art that honors the artful in nature. Korrow’s use of still photos, interviews, quotations and moving images provide a means by which to enter the timelessness he feels is essential to a fulfilled and meaningful life."—Dianna MacLeod, Whidbey Life Magazine

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Viewer comments...
"Let me first compliment you on the film. To say my wife, sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement. We were inspired and encouraged. When we left the theater a butterfly flashed from across the street. It allowed us to get quite close and actually touch it."—Gary Piazzon, Whidbey Environmental Action Network

[Chis Korrow is] such a keen observer--the footage and narration of the crows at the beginning was just stunning. In fact, all of the images were breath-taking. Hope the film and its message will find its way around the world. —Susanne Fest, PhD, Antioch University Midwest

"I was very moved by your movie... so much so that I have gone out each morning since to the wetlands by my house to listen and see the amazing life that awakens with the dawn. Thank you for producing something so beautiful and compelling that will help many of us Remember…"

“May the film benefit many sentient beings.”

“This ever deepening breathe of fresh air will etch new conscious awareness...”