Friday, February 25, 2011

Chris has Camera for Sale


Canon 50D Excellent condition (approximately 11,000 shutter clicks)
18-55 IS Canon Lens (or a Tamron 18-200 for $100 more)
3 Batteries
Canon TC-80N3 Remote & Intervalometer
2 - 8 GB CF Cards
Lowepro Case
Original box, manual etc.

$900 with 18-200 lens
Shipping is extra

or call 270-406-9116

Monday, February 21, 2011

Horses Need New Parelli Home



I am working in Level 3 (passed my Level 2 assessment). We are selling our organic farm and moving out of state. Unfortunately this means I have to re-home my three amazing horses. This link will take you to my parents blog, where you can see some photos.
We have lived on an organic farm for 20 years, the horses are healthy and well cared for. I have done western pleasure and trail riding. I have invested a lot of time in these special horses and would really like to find a Parelli home for them.

Please call me with any questions,

Gabrielle Korrow
Burkesville, KY

My phone number is 931-252-4301

We live in Burkesville, in southern Kentucky, near Dale Hollow Lake. On the TN/KY border, due north of Cookeville.

At this point best offer will be taken, we really need to find them a new home ASAP!

Oliver (Ollie): Friendly, Loving Paint Gelding
I have had this horse since I was ten (for seven years). He is 10-11 years old. He is the horse I used to certify my Parelli, Levels One and Two. He is very smart and attentive. Ollie is a full bred Quarter Horse, we just don't have his papers --we have had him almost 7 years. He is very well balanced, good woah and go. Not extreme left or right brain. Just a really fun, smart horse! Friendly, Ollie, our gelding is a hair under 15 hands

Rosie Cotton: Adorable Four-Year-Old Fillie
Rosie the Buckskin--born here--she will turn 4 on March 21, 2011. She is the daughter of the white standard bred mare who was bred to a black Tennessee Walker. Since she has grown up with me from the beginning, her curiosity is very pure, she has an amazing amount of trust and interest in people. Very balanced as well , an amazing partner!!

She is ready to take her Level One assessment, though a lot of her work is already Level Two (I refer to old level one and two). She is just a darling of a horse! If you meet her, you're bound to fall in love! She comes running to the gate when called. Born on our farm, was raised with Parelli. She is almost like something out of a Disney movie. Call her name and she comes running. Can do tricks. Saddle broke, ready to take her Parelli Level One assessment. Very curious and interested. Huge amount of potential. A joy to be around. Gorgeous buckskin with black mane and tail. Rosie is 15 hands.

Lucy: Lucy is our 11 year old standard bred. She is the sweetest thing! She is a little timid and shy. And tends to be more right brain then the others, but after a little warm up she is trusting and confident and really wants to impress! We have had her for 5 years, and she is the mother of Rosie. Takes a while to get to know her, but once you do, you are sure to fall in love with her. Has been a wonderful mother. Well broken, just needs some brushing up since she hasn't been ridden much lately. Sensitive and alert. Ready to assess at Parelli Level One. Lucy, the white mare is 14 hands.

None of the horses are shoed at this time, all are comfortable having their feet trimmed. Ollie and Lucy have been shoed in the past.

Here are some pictures of my babies!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chris Harvests Winter Cabbage

Mature cabbages have stayed solid, healthy and sweet under a double layer of Reemay (agricultural fabric) this winter. They were mature by late October, and have kept wonderfully.