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Chris Korrow’s documentary Frost Flowers
27 minutes
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About this project
Chris Korrow takes us on a journey into the fascinating phenomenon of Frost Flowers. These spectacular icy “blooms” occur for just a few short days a year, with magnificent displays only occurring every six years or so. We often overlook the artistry that takes place in nature, and this film encourages us to take a closer look at our surroundings with fresh eyes. Thousands of photos along with time-lapse photography and an original score help to illustrate the fact the we are not the only ones who posses the ability of artistic expression. Sometimes it occurs in the most basic of forms, and the more we can recognize this, the more our lives take on that artistic expression. View the trailer below!

About the filmmaker
Many of you know Chris for his documentary Garden Insects, award-winning, and seen by an estimated 2.5 million viewers. Chris recently received a book contract for his full-color children’s book, The Organic Bug Book, due out in 2013 (SteinerBooks, Bell Pond, New York).

“As a naturalist and farmer, Chris Korrow wants to insure all of us to take a closer look  at our surroundings. ‘Nature’ should think about hiring this guy.”  —Craig Cornwell, Director of Programming, KET, The Kentucky Network (PBS)

“Not only is his [Korrow’s] work informative and educational, it is also a work of art.  As we decimate our planet by continual use of pesticides and insecticides, perhaps Chris Korrow’s art can slow and even help to reverse our insanity. “ —a Garden Insects viewer

Why purchase this film?
Frost Flowers is an educational environmental film. While many environmental films focus on what is going wrong with the planet, or highlight the spectacular or the extreme, Korrow shows us how, by looking at nature with new eyes, we will inherently change our relationship with the natural world. Chris Korrow invites us to develop wonder, awe and appreciation for what goes largely unnoticed in the natural world around us. By cultivating this outlook in our daily lives, we not only develop a new respect for nature, which translates into a deep form of environmentalism, but we also develop a soul maturity that is reflected in how we treat others, how we do business, and in our social interactions. More than just an environmental film, this film asks us to transform our relationship with nature, as a first step in self-development, thus transforming who we are as individuals and a society.


  1. Thank you for delights I would never be aware of without your work. It is a privilege to support your work.

  2. The film was so wonderful, it has inspired me to make viewing these incredible natural phenomena when possible. I ride my horses in the Scott County "planned reservoir" and enjoy viewing the changes in the plentiful ironweed plant located there throughout the seasons. I can't wait until next Fall for a hard frost to venture out to see this if indeed conditions allow for it. What a beautiful film and a great introduction to a lovely natural, albeit- temporary gift of nature. Thanks so much for making this inspiring film.

  3. I have noticed Frost Flowers along the roadsides of central Kentucky for years. I wasn't ever sure what I was seeing but I figured it was some unique ice formation. I was finally able to photograph Frost Flowers for the first time in November of 2013. I have been able to photograph them twice in November of this year, 2014. Your documentary has helped me to appreciate Frost Flowers even more. Thank you. Holly Schwartz, Utica, Kentucky. (former resident of Bardstown, Kentucky)